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Etched in Shadow Hill Cemetery

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“A funny, spirited story that is bursting with 1970s nostalgia. Justine and Eva’s summer teenage escapades tickled my memory, and their devoted friendship touched my heart.” – Shelle Sumners, author of Grace Grows

“What a wonderful book! Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. As a child of the 70s myself, I was able to relate to both Eva and Justine, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in the time and found myself completely entertained by their crazy antics! I’m sorry I finished it so quickly – I didn’t want the story to end!” – Amazon Customer

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“It is a beautiful, well-written story of two precocious young girls, that had me laughing and crying along with them. The authors did a wonderful job bringing the characters to life.” – Charles Mattey

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“Be prepared to be mesmerized by the summertime friendships and antics of two female teenagers of the 70s era. You will be hooked as soon as you read about the heinous incident in the first chapter that underlines the plot and entire storyline. The captured reader will find it hard to stop perusing the twists and turns of this story to its conclusion.” – Jean Nostrand

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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